Research Accomplishments of Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D.


Medical Informatics
      Genomic identifiability
      Patient-centered management

Database Security

      Risk assessment server

      Face de-identification

      Contactless capture

Policy and Law
      Identifiability of de-identified data
      HIPAA assessments
      Privacy-preserving surveillance

Public Education
      Identity angel

Quantitative assessments

Public Education: CameraWatch

[68, 36]

Problem Statement: Given publicly available webcams, construct methods that: (1) find URLs of publicly available webcams; and, (2) captures images from publicly available webcams.

Description: As a contribution to (1), Dr. Sweeney built semantic learning algorithms that automatically mined about 10,000 URLs of publicly available webcams. The images below are from some of the webcams found. Some images (e.g., cars on the road) were expected, but others (e.g., an office reception desk) were not. She then constructed one of the first repositories of links to publicly available on-line webcams. 41 Her current work on (2) involves making a publicly available repository of historical images captured from the webcams in given time periods.

Other Achievements: 12

  • Among 28 news articles specifically profiling aspects of this work. Venues include Scientific American, CBS News, ABC News, Newsweek, USA Today, and NPR.


12 See quantitative assessments for more details.

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