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Latest news... I have a new VTX 1300R!...
I'm too busy riding these days to stop and take pictures, but here's a stock image for those interested...

In comparison, here are scenes with my old bike...

"Me and My Shadow" (Click on picture for enlarged image.)

People who know me well were not shocked to find that I had taken the time to learn to ride ("motorcycles" of course), because I'm always exploring new turf. But what has shocked them is that I enjoy riding so much. Motorcylce riding has been a wonderful experience for me. Like many forms of enjoyment, it means different things to different folks. I'm still figuring out what it all means to me. I'm having a blast discoverying the wonderful world of motorcycle riding! My first bike was a 2004 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe (600cc), as shown above. My current bike is a Honda VTX 1300.

Below are some links people routinely ask me about.

  • Learn to ride
    If you want to learn to ride, I strongly recommend the Motorcycle Safety Course. In the State of Pennsylvania, this course is free of charge and they provide the motorcycles! When learning to ride, you will need a Pennsylvania Learner's Permit, a helmet, googles, and gloves. Here is the Pennsylvania Motorcylce Operator's Manual (PDF).

  • The Hurt Report
    Obviously there is risk associated with motorcycle riding. In a conflict, car beats motorcycle. But understanding the real (versus perceived) risks and learning to minimize those risks makes the roads safer for bikers and automobiles.

  • "What is it about privacy [people] and motorcycles?"-- Dan Kennedy
    A few months ago, a reporter, Dan Kennedy, wanted to interview me for a privacy article about Google.  I was on the road at the time and unable to make his deadline, but he included me in the story anyway using my web page as a source.  He saw I liked to ride motorcycles, and questioned in the article the relationship between those involved in privacy work and their desire to ride motorcycles.  For example, he introduced Weinstein, as "the motorcycle-riding co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility." Surprisingly, this motorcycle stuff ran in the story and before I knew it, pictures of me on my motorcycle appeared in various newspapers across the country. (text only, or with pictures). BUT NOW... I wonder what Dan will say when he he reads about Alesandro Acquisti, recent recipient of the 2005 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Award. Here's Alessandro's delightful intereview about his motorcycle racing

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